Microsoft Edge sidebar suggestion (have the option for left side)

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As someone who uses Opera GX as well as browsing already created user posts, I have found that nobody has really mentioned this.


The sidebar should have the ability to be on the left side of the screen as opposed to being on the right, I've loved most of Edge's changes so far however, it's honestly one of the last changes that I am waiting for before I set it as my default browser.


Sorry if the text is a bit weird, I like making things easier to read as I value your time.

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I agree. I am used to Vivaldi and Opera where the side bar is on the left. It would make it easier to interact with things on the sidebar. 

I guess the reason they put it on the right is because of vertical tabs being on the left so I am not sure how they fix that, perhaps allow the sidebar to be on the top instead?

@SenseiBlack I agree. I am using Opera and I think left side usage better than right side.

I totally agree, and I am using the Edge browser.  I would rather just have the "chat" window as the main browser, actually, followed by the traditional search results.   

Besides having the option of having the sidebar on the left side, I would also like having the option added to having the sidebar to appear and hide automatically by simply moving my mouse pointer close to that area like it does with some different browsers that already have this feature implemented.