Microsoft Edge's 5th Anniversary

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Today is 29th July, 2020 which is the 5th anniversary for Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser. It is nice to see how this browser has evolved over these five years and the team keeps adding on great new features into the browser.

I am thanking the now and former engineers, managers and others of the Microsoft Edge browser who made and are working on building new features on this browser. You are the people who make browsing the web modern and easy. You are the people who make privacy a human right. You are the people who make us more productive by adding great new features.

Over the five years, you people have made my web browsing easy, simple and clear. It is nice to see you are working hard every weekday and sometimes weekends only for us and to make our lives easier.

I am happy to support the Microsoft Edge team for building new features and also giving the best wishes for the future development of Microsoft Edge.

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Thank you, team, for making Microsoft Edge one of the best browsers for everyone and bringing in new set of features. Kudos to the team and insiders!