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Why, at times, the Edge processes are all grouped together (only one separated) ?




And at times, they are "scattered"?



Not possible to have them all the time "grouped" ?



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Hi @tistou - Nice to see someone else using Task Manager. I believe it was the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update when this small enhancement was added (grouping process by apps) .


Great feedback grouping for other types as well. I can definitely see where this would save time and makes process management faster. Less clutter, easier process management, better navigation experience - to name a few.


I'll pass the feedback (feature request) to our Windows Performance side as well. Don't forget you can submit feedback by clicking the smiley face. Every piece of feedback submitted via "Send Feedback" is logged and reviewed.






Thanks so much for your reply


Indeed, I regularly use the task manager, and another positive point of grouped processes and see the total use of the process (Edge Chromium for example) for the CPU, memory, etc ... very quickly


With all the separate processes, must to look for them, count, etc...

Hi @tistou, the reason that some Edge processes show up grouped and others (especially background processes) show up individually is because our background processes like updaters and crash handlers outlive the lifespan of any particular browsing session, so they aren’t launched with any parent/child relationship to a browsing session.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk 




Thank you for your explanation
Edge classic has the same behavior I believe, and all the processes are grouped in the same place
I thought it was possible for Edge Chromium too

Or, failing that, group the processes together instead of there being several separate ?
For example for this forum, there is 6 separate process in Background processes, a feeling of "badly finished"
And nothing in the Edge task manager


@Elliot Kirk  


And I do not think "the separation of processes" comes from there.

There I have no process in the Background processes
and yet I have "background processes" in browser task manager




I confirm that it does not come from Chromium's "background processes"
For the same web page, I have 2 different behaviors (depending on the navigation)

If it could be corrected, it's an impression of "not finished"










I do not think normal behavior
For example, I'm on a web page, in Apps (Task manager), I have "Microsoft Edge (9)"

And suddenly, I have

Apps : Microsoft Edge (5)
background processes : 4 or 5 separate process in background

If processes were grouped in background processes (as in Apps), why not
There, it's more "borderline" :smile:



It's just not possible what kind of use for a browser, 24 processes for 2 open tabs... :facepalm:
There is way to optimize this point of view consomation, numbers of processes, etc ...
The old Edge consumes less than that
The Edge team is already on to it to optimize the Edge for less CPU and RAM usage.
you don't have to intentionally expand the Edge process, just leave it be as one icon in the taskmanager.
by the way, Google chrome canary is the same.



Thanks for your reply


I compared the number of processes with Chrome, and they are more often grouped together.

After that, it would be better to optimize Edge Chromium compare to Google Chrome, otherwise what would be the interest of using Edge Chromium if it is exactly the same as Google Chrome (browser copied / pasted) ?
But it's my feeling, as much process used for a browser, is not an "optimized" browser
That's why me (and others) still use IE in main browser (maybe firefox), it is very well aside there
Google Chrome is the fastest because of its V8 and Blink engines, they sacrifice RAM to give the user the best and fastest page loads and responses. Google and Microsoft both want to keep the same level of responsiveness but at the same time lower the RAM usage.

i personally have 16GB of RAM and can't care less about RAM usage. even when running 3 Hyper-V VMs on my PC and having 10+ Edge insider tabs open my PC still won't slow down a bit.

I remember i bought a PC around the time Windows 7 came out, 10-11 years ago and my PC had 4GB RAM and a 4 core CPU. it was a norm during that time. after 5 years i upgraded it and installed 8GB RAM. 2 years ago i upgraded once again and installed 16GB of RAM. i will probably upgrade my PC in 3-4 years and install 32 GB. so the point is, everything is going forward, the technology is advancing. hardware are getting cheaper.

compare todays Android phones with 10 years' ago Android phones. back then they had only 256 or 512 MB RAM and it was a real deal. but now the Norm is between 4-8 GB (preferably 8), the top notch phones got 12GB of RAM and they are better than 100% of the computers existed 10 years ago.

so if you keep your hardware updated then you wouldn't need to worry about little tiny RAM usages. Google and Microsoft can't do magic. maybe the best they will do is to lower RAM usage by a few megabytes (~200mb) and that's it, not a big difference.

I've never liked Internet explorer for many reasons. it shouldn't even exist today. even 5 years ago it was so bad and too slow to use.



I do not care about ram usage, just CPU usage (in general) and the number of processes
For me, any software that uses too much process, is coded with "the feet"


That's why my default browser stays IE/Edge and I'm using Edge Chromium a little bit for the moment

And on my PC, IE/Edge is as fast as Edge Chromium
If I do not use 100% IE, it's just that its engine is too old for some sites
I don't know what that even means

good for you, keep using IE



"Coded with the feet" maybe?
It's a French expression, it's coded very quickly (badly coded)

If MS updated the IE engine, many people will continue to use IE, it is very well this browser :smile:
All the right options, design very well, etc ... That it is missing to Edge/Chromium
That's just an opinion and it's yours.

majority of people don't think so that's why they ditched the IE long time ago. but you're free to use whatever you want



Many people, including me, no longer use IE because of its incompatibility with some web pages
Especially people who buy PCs in store (returns that I saw)


But it is true that IE is better provided side options, and use

- Just right click on a web page, create a shortcut is an option that is sorely lacking Edge / Chromium.
- Opening a new tab that is not the priority page but remains in the background.

- Can customize a new tab with a web page

- Etc...


When MS do its own browser, it's excellent
After when it's "copied" to Chrome, there are also the little flaws of Chrome


But I do not doubt that MS (and hope) will bring this personal touch to Edge Chromium to have a great browser
Otherwise I do not see the interest of making a new browser fully copied to Chrome

To come back to the process, if an optimization could be done
IE is depreciated. old engines, old UI, not touch friendly. that's all the reasons needed to ditch it. you keep using it though



Yes it's a pity that such a good browser is depreciated

For the touch, do not mix a navigator used with the mouse and used in touch
This is the problem that was criticized to MS at the exit of Windows10, even the interface with the mouse was designed for the touch (
everything was too big / spaced)
Finally, it's about processes here :smile:
Everything is good at its own time.

I don't understand the rest of your reply.