Microsoft edge problems with on-screen access programs. such as nvda and narrator.

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Hello. I use the nvda on-screen access program with edge. I'm having a few problems. 1. If you click f6 to open a notification for example, microsoft edge is closed. it happens anywhere on any website. 2. I have a new tab in my settings when I start. When I enter the address of any site and search query and click to find the program of screen access remains in the address bar although the focus should move to the page with the results. these problems occur in all versions of the 85.0 browser Please consider this. @josh_bodner

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@nikitat1260 what's your full version number?  We've fixed an issue recently where F6 crashes the browser, so it would be good to know if you've got that fix or not.  

@josh_bodner unfortunately I still have a problem. my version 85.0.554.0 (Official Assembly) canary (64-bit version)  please consider the problem with screen readers and address lines. I also described it in the post above.

@nikitat1260 I just checked the old bug, and it looks like there are enough people still hitting this that we're actively looking at trying to get another fix into Canary very soon.