Microsoft Edge loses shortcut functions

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I am really liking Edge browser so far and trying to make it my daily driver on MacOS, but unfortunately after days of active use (keeping tabs open, opening new windows and tabs etc), some of the functionalities seem to get broken. Here are two that I commonly face while using Edge on Macbook Pro:


1. The mouse cursor loses its dynamic focus ability inside Edge application:

 Mouse cursor should actively turn from arrow to text marking or index finger symbols depending on which areas of the page are being processed. After a few days use it randomly happens that this function is lost and clicking becomes impossible. The arrow stays as arrow and it almost seems that the browser is not able to obtain focus of the pointer on the page. Impossible to paint text and clicking links when this happens. Situation seems to go away by switching to another desktop view and clicking inside other browser eg. Safari, and then returning back to the Edge windows.


2. Shortcuts stop working: After a while, sporadically, cmd+c/v and other shortcuts stop working entirely. Impossible to copy paste links or text inside the pages when this happens, using shortcuts. Using Edit->copy/paste still works. I haven't found any remedy for this problem yet, so the browser application need to be restarted or sometimes the shortcuts start working again in new windows, sometimes they don't start...


It is very difficult to pinpoint when or where these happen, but I am using the latest build: Version 92.0.902.78 (Official build) (x86_64)


Hope this gets resolved soon because this bug has persisted over months now and I have installed several updates to the browser with no fix.

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Yep, still happening to me on every current channel, Stable (96.0.1054.62), Dev (98.0.1100.3) and Canary (99.0.1113.0).
But it's hard to reproduce since it only occurs sporadically, mostly (but not always) after using an Edge instance for a day or more.
Especially loosing common shortcuts like ctrl+c / ctrl+v (copy/paste) is very annoying.
Please get this fixed soon, it really breaks my workflow.

@Neon01 I also keep having the problem very consistently, particularly the pointer staying as an arrow and not changing into a "index finger"on website links or "text painting tool" to mark any text for copy pasting . My Edge is also up to date 96.0.1054.62 (Official build) (x86_64). Very annoying bug...


I have MacOS Monterey 12.0.1. running on MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2018, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)