Microsoft Edge loading web site problem

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I have just received a new laptop with Microsoft edge which uses Bing as the browser. The current format is new to me as my last laptop was over 10 years old. yesterday I couldn't access any websites so went through the troubleshooting of switching the laptop off and on and the same with my internet, it worked ok then. Today I have had to do the same again but still won't work. I have been through the firewall settings and updates etc, but it is still not access anything except for facebook. All help would be grateful thankyou.

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I'm rerouting this question to the Edge discussion site.
much appreciated
@Diavel1198 Have you checked edge://settings/newTabPage?

@Kam hello,

I haven't tried that as yet, but strangely ,  i am able to connect with the internet web sites I wanted to now. Earlier on I was unable connect, it just kept timing out, now it is working properly. Thinking about it , I think this what happened yesterday too. I had gone through everything on the virtual advisor both today and yesterday also.

@Diavel1198 Then you are free to delete this post or mark the reply that helped you as "best response."

@Kam  What if this problem continues to recur?  As this problem has done this twice already and fixed itself twice in the evening. I shall see what happens tomorrow and report back. Thankyou for your time Kam.

@Diavel1198 You're welcome!