Microsoft Edge is terrible. Please give my computer browser choices back to me!

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I would really appreciate the option to decide what browser or any update to my computer is.  After all it is mine and everyone has their own personal likings for whatever reason.  To navigate through my favorites or just anything in general with microsoft edge has added 3 or more additional steps.  I don't like the look of it, I don't like how convoluted it is.  It is really an invasion of something that I own.  In the future I will do anything possible not to spend any money to do with microsoft again.

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@givemefreedomtochoose , Favorites are accessible with one click, so I couldn't understand, What exact problem are you facing with Microsoft edge?

I could help you. Reply back.


I'm just another loyal user of Edge(not related to the Edge team)

You seem very upset for no reason. If you don't like then don't use. Simple as that.


You can go to windows settings -> apps -> default apps -> web browser
Select a browser of your choice


What browser you used?

You could add favorite bars and see all favorites at top and with one click on star icon at top of browser you have access to favorite, how do you want to access favorite , please share your feedback.

You mention, you don't like look and feel, would you mind explain how do you want to see Microsoft Edge looks. Give us some example.

You have freedom to use whatever browser you want, but we want you to have great experience with Microsoft Edge.