Microsoft Edge Insider is an OLD BROWSER?

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Recently, I got an update for MEI, but the update makes the other web pages thinks that MEI is an old browser

EX: YouTubeUntitled_Respond.png

















1. This is the actual old YouTube page is on my screen right now

2. I'm Vietnamese so yeah, the language is different

3. How did I know this is the old version, it doesn't have "Night Mode"


Untitled_Respond2.png4. Linus Tech Tips? Maybe coincidence.

If anybody know the problem, please let me know

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i have the same issues, when i go to to access at new layout i found this. Sorry, i'm italian and the language isn't English, these page say that the browser isn't supported. Yesterday i had the newest layout.Screenshot (17).png@The_Responder2195 



I have the same problem. :(



@The_Responder2195 same here, it sucks that Google has taken this approach of blocking edge.

Same here! does it has something to do with the new Explorer compatibility feature?

@The_Responder2195 Maybe Edge is using an old version of Chromium 

I have the same issue.

We are aware of this issue and are working with the site owners to get it addressed.  Thank you for taking the time to try out the Insider channels of Microsoft Edge.