Microsoft Edge (Immersive reader- Read Aloud) not there

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Hi Team,


Here I would like to update that Read aloud feature is not available on the Microsoft Edge.

I am not getting this feature in my Ubuntu operating system. Please let me know if this feature is there in the development release.




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You may always share your idea through Feedback option in Microsoft Edge.


@Reza_Ameri-Archived wrote:


Does it happen in Microsoft Edge stable release too?

Try update your Microsoft Edge and see if problem persist?

the OP says "my Ubuntu operating system" and you can see it in the attached screenshot as well.

Edge for Linux at the moment is only available in Dev channel, neither beta nor stable.





this is part of this post published by Edge developers:


"We’re sure you’re curious about what is available with this version of Edge! While we are working to ensure that every feature in our Windows and Mac Dev channels is available in our Linux version, there are a few features that will not be available at launch. Sync (and its related services), read aloud, and differential updates will not be available immediately with Edge on Linux. We are working hard to bring these to users as quickly as possible, while also ensuring it’s done right. Once we know these changes are implemented, you will see them mentioned in Josh’s summary posts. Additionally, if any of this change before we launch, we will work to ensure y’all are notified."



also, you can report any issues or share feedback or feature requests via the “Send Feedback” tool, either via the “…” (“Settings and More”) menu in Microsoft Edge, or by pressing Alt+Shift+I.


by the way, here is the Edge insider community for future posts :)



Two years later, this still isn't working any updates on this @HotCakeX? The reason I used edge over other browsers is because of the read-aloud feature. 

@isTofu_ Sadly Microsoft decided that accessibility features for Linux are not that important.

No, it was working and then they removed it. They didn't just decide to ignore people who have reading difficulties, they spat in their face by crippling a feature that was working perfectly.

Microsoft just hates disabled people. It's evident throughout their own OS, and now they're ruining other OSes out of spite.

I'm confused as to why it was removed too. It was working at one time under Ubuntu for me and then was removed a bit over a year ago. Someone in another post said it was removed after upgrading from v98 to v99.


It works on Android just fine. That would suggest to me there is no technical reason it will not work.

There is nothing to be confused about, the developers of edge wanted to disadvantage visually impaired users, presumably for fun.

Whoever is in charge of Edge since v90 or so takes sadistic pleasure in doing things like removing or crippling features, adding nag screens and useless misfeafures that nobody would ever ask for, force-feeding Microsoft products and services and resetting, ignoring or removing user preferences, and wasting screen real-estate, compute resources and user's time.

Edge is now just as much of a virtual torture chamber as Internet Explorer was at it's worst, the only difference is that it doesn't collect browser toolbars like Pokémon.

Forget it and download a different browser just like you always have. Microsoft doesn't have a clue how to treat users with respect and they never will.


Read aloud is one of my favourite features under MS edge browser. I hope MS can bring the feature back.


@Dongsung_Lee wrote:


Read aloud is one of my favourite features under MS edge browser. I hope MS can bring the feature back.

It's not gone! It's always been in Edge browser. On which platform and/or website don't you see that feature?

@HotCakeX On any Linux distro I've tried. It was there at one time, but was removed something like 2 years ago. By 'any' I can say for sure I've tried Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04, Elementary, and Pop!_OS. I think I've also tried Fedora just to do something different.


It's there on Windows and on Android.