Microsoft Edge dev version (chromium engine) policy file location

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Hi guys from the Edge community!

I didnt find information in community posts and other resurce. Have MS Edge dev version 90.0.789.1 (Chromium engine) in Linux docker container. How i can set parameters with a policy ? Where policy file should be located with Linux file system? What file policy format ? For example, browser Chrome or Chromium installed in Linux, policy file located in /etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed/ (for Chrome) and /etc/chromium/policies/managed/ (for Chromium) configured via JSON files with the parameters described at I didnt not find any information my above questions over Edge dev in Linux. Have anyone ideas?

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you can create a policies .json file in /etc/opt/edge/policies/managed/ (for edge) by using test policies template of chrome both policies variables are same as edge and chrome both are based on chromium.

@MahreenAhmed13 i can't tell you how much you helped me thank you so much!!!!