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I love the this browser enough to make it my everyday use and left Chrome. But since yesterday, it is broken. Nothing is showing up when I open the browser. It is blank. Here is what it is showing:



Is anyone else having this issue? It is happening with Dev and Canary but Beta is still working. Any ideas?

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@carlosmontanez We're so sorry to see that! Can you please share as many details as possible with us, like your OS, any special settings/flags/extensions that you're using, and your current configuration specs?

And if you haven't yet, please submit a report through the browser so our team can look into this ASAP. 




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@Deleted - I am running windows 10 version 1809 (OS Build 17763.914). I am not running anything out of the ordinary and the only extensions running is the evernote web clipper and clickup. Nothing else and it is not just me but some of my co-workers. It started on Tuesday. I would send a report except the browser doesn't let me do anything with it. 


The following is the latest error I get:



Right now I'm on


No problems.

@carlosmontanez It seems like some other folks are occasionally seeing this same page, so one of our Edge Devs just addressed it here: Can you please try it in Canary and let us know if that resolved the issue?


(And @HotCakeX  is correct; going directly to our Edge Insider forum in the future will be the best way to reach our browser team.)


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Thanks @Deleted and @HotCakeX!


@carlosmontanez I'm moving this post to the Microsoft Edge Insider Discussions space. The Community Discussions area you've posted in is really meant for discussion around the Tech Community website itself. Thanks!

@SergeiBaklan - it won't allow me to even go to the settings.

Have you tried these methods? that post is written by a Microsoft employee

@carlosmontanez We're sorry to hear that you're still encountering roadblocks with Dev. To confirm, did you try downloading Canary and trying that too?


Fawkes (they/them)
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