Microsoft Edge Dev not downloading files properly

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Hey, i'm experiencing a really annoying bug in Microsoft Edge DEV. I already experienced that in Canary like 3 weeks ago, so i think its some sort of Update that causes this, as Canary receives updates daily and DEV weekly.


So, when i'm trying to download files it doesn't show me the download progress bar and just shows it like if the download has already finished. Here is an example to see what i mean - In this example i start the download of a 1 GB test file, and it just show like if the download is finished same moment that its starting, which its clearly not 



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Having the same problem. In my case, the Download option "Ask me what to do with each download" is toggle on. I had to deactivate that option to finish downloading the archive I was trying to. So I suppose the problem is with that option. Hope that it gets fixed soon, 'cause I don't want to download archives to the same folder everytime :\
i don't even have that on
The download issue was fixed on 119.0.2149.0, but there are still issues with 119.0.2144.0+random crashes in this version.
Due to not pushing a new version on weekends, it cannot be automatically updated to that version. It can only be obtained through the API. I think 119.0.2150.0 will be pushed to Canary soon.

Same here. + Can not delete files on the list when the option "Ask me what to do with each download" is on. 

Yes, turning on "Ask me what to do with each download" in Edge Dev (version 119.0.2132.0, not a problem in the release version of Edge and I don't have Canary or Beta to test there) causes the files to download to the default directory but their names remain "Unconfirmed <######>.crdownload." Because they have no extension, they won't open. You can manually rename the files and assign them an extension, then they'll open fine from Explorer, but not from within the Edge Download manager, which only has the old broken file name.

Because it fails to ask where to download anyway, the best bet until MS fixes this is to turn off the Settings option to "Ask me what to do with each download." You'll lose the ability to specify to only open a file without saving a copy or to specify a download location, but at least the files will download with the proper name and be usable.

Please report this through the Feedback hub to ensure MS is fully aware of the problem and magnitude. I assume this isn't working for anyone who turns on "Ask me what to do with each download," but I don't know that for sure, just that I'm having the same problem with Edge Dev on all my PC's. Maybe this is working for some users.