Microsoft Edge Dev for Business always crashes on startup on macOS Big Sur Beta.

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Hi Microsoft,
I have been having issues with the Microsoft Edge Developer for Business because I upgraded to macOS Big Sur beta from macOS Catalina (Microsoft Edge worked fine there) and now when I open Edge, it suddenly crashes and this has keep on happening. I am using Microsoft Edge Dev on macOS Big Sur to type this question because after a few crashes it stops crashing. How do I stop this from happening? I think there might be no support for Microsoft Edge on macOS Big Sur.
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@TwelveGem321828 I'm having this issue as well.  Big Sur Beta 2, latest Canary build of Edge.  It starts for a moment then closes without warning.  Looking for a fix also...


@TwelveGem321828 I had the same issue, even with the regular version of edge on my Mac in Big Sur beta. I don't know if you are an app developer for apple but if you aren't I would recommend you back up your files and switch back to The latest stable version of Mac OS Catalina until a later public beta of Big Sur come out. Or you could wait until the fully real and stable version of Big Sur.

While if you are a app developer, (you need macOS Big Sur for Xcode) I recommend seeing if there is an update available for macOS Big Sur or (if you are on a developer beta) Switching to a public beta.

Thanks and have a great day!

@ingconticom Since edge is a web installation, It would not matter what processeer you are using. (in most cases



I do be on Silicon, and sent a LOT of debug into to MS  no luck , yet.

I do know si due to a stupid choice to adopt bogus base code form Crhomium :(