Microsoft Edge Dev Channel updated to version


Hi All,

    By now, this update should be available to everyone running the Dev channel of Microsoft Edge.  I apologize that it took us so long to get our first update out.  We were cautious and were trying to ensure a smooth roll out.  Please let us know how we did.  Were you offered the update yesterday, and if you did update the browser how did it go?



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@Elliot Kirk

I have no trouble at all updating.  The update was very fast and smoothed as silk.  Edge Dev is still running great and is still so far very, very fast and responsive.   Though I'm not sure what has changed yet.. I have set Edge Dev as my default browser now.   Every web site so far that I interact with has been flawless and at least 30%+ faster loading and responsive to clicks....  Love dis ting da new Edge Dev..... 


Just a thought, I think it would be great if you all could give us Quests like they have in the Feedback Hub to give us targets to test out.   


Anyway, just my 20cents....