Microsoft Edge Chromium - Preference savefile value ( to find default download folder path )

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We are automating a download process using Edge Browser. To identify the default download folder we are reading the Preference file for Edge from - 

C:\Users\%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\Preferences.
After reading the "Preference" file, we deserialize this file and get the "savefile.default_directory" value to find the user's default download folder.
We will use this path further in our automation. However, we have noticed that in some user machines the files are not downloaded in the same path as mentioned in "default_directory" value. ( They do have a key "savefile.default_directory" value set.)
Could this be if the user has 2 browsers and the preference file of chrome supersedes the edge default_directory?
what could be another possible reason that the files are downloaded in a folder other than the one mentioned in "default_directory" ?
Is there any other key that can tell us the default downloads folder path?
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