Microsoft Edge Chromium not syncing using Windows 10, version 2004

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Microsoft Edge does not sync passwords, favorites and all other setting from when setting up to another device (both windows 10 and iPhone).

I have Microsoft edge set up in another laptop and all favorites and passwords are save. i have bought a new laptop and set up edge and downloaded edge to my iPhone but none of them sync. kind of frustrating really having to try to find your passwords and websites saved.

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edge sometimes doesn't sync instantly in new device, kinda bug.

but the picture seems to have definite problem. did you try re-signing in?

did your iphone edge set to edge leagacy sync? It might give a problem

@TrueGame I tried a lot of signing out and sign in, reinstalled edge and even formatted my pc just for the sake of it. man i gave up. today, i went back using google chrome again. i gave up. i cannot waste my time figuring it out its a very generic feature in all web browser yet Microsoft cannot make it right.

really sorry to hear that :(