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From a few days, I have started using OS based on the Chromium OS open source project. The problem over there is that I have to use the Google Chrome or the Chromium browser but I have all of my data synced in Microsoft Edge for years. I tried to install Microsoft Edge from the official website but the result was as expected for me showing that Edge is not supported on Chrome OS.

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Are there plans in the future for Microsoft Edge to support OS based on Chromium OS open source project?

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I don't expect that happening. Btw why the switch to Chromium OS?

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I had to switch to Chromium OS because from 2 months, my 2 year old laptop is getting slower and slower. It takes 30 minutes for me to just get to the desktop and then it takes more 10 minutes to open an application. I reset the laptop and tried many different options, but for me, after some time it is the same. I contacted my laptop company but they told me that it will take some time for the engineer to come to my house due to the current situation. Plus, my phone is also damaged and I don't have any secondary devices due to which I cannot do any task related to phones and computers now at home without wasting time.  Because of that, I had to switch to Chromium OS on bootable USB to save my time and use the web version of everything I use on my phone and computer. For heavy tasks, I have to still use my laptop HDD and waste time.


I saw that the users for the OS are increasing (at a slower rate) so, I was thinking if there are any plans that the Edge team has to support this OS and also it would have helped me to allow sync for users who have Chromebooks.

@TheShaunSaw Knowing Microsoft , not gonna happen.

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@TheShaunSaw We don't have any news to share at this time, but it's good to know that there would be interest in this.


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