Microsoft edge change that showed up this morning

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Microsoft edge showed up today with changes.  I don't know what they are.  I tried to avoid them at the time, but somehow some of them have infiltrated my computer.  Things are different, but I don't know why, or howdon to change them back, or how they fit into anything else.  

How do I get rid of all of the changes?

How do I review them one by one to see what they do?

This is not where I expected to ask this, but everywhere else I went said rephrase or had no response or info on this topic. I stumbled into here.

I wouldn't want to say anything critical on this link in violation of my pledge, but I think this is typical microsoft instructions.  If you know pretty much of the underlying information about the program, maybe the instructions make sense.  If you have only a basic understanding, the info is useless and it is impossible to find.  the answers to basic questions. 

If someone could point me in the right direction (and probably I need precise instructions to get there), I would appreciate it.  

Here is something that is typical.  It says Hint: @links to members.  Maybe this is a good hint, but I have no idea if that is a good idea or, if I thought it was a great idea, how would I do that. 

They sent this back because it had invalid HTML, whatever that means.  I know what an HTML is, but I have no idea what was found or how to fix it or what they are talking about in this context.  Oh well, they it's gone, here it comes again, unless I again stumbled over some sacred barrier.  

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