Microsoft Edge Canavary should add these features!

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Hello Insiders!

The latest Microsoft Edge Canavary updated version was very good.

But I think Microsoft Edge Canavary should add some features as follows:

1.The translator should see the situation on the website and then translate it into another language. (Example: "Microsoft Edge Insider" in English translate into Vietnamese is "Microsoft cạnh Insider". In Vietnamese "Edge" is "cạnh", but in that situation It shouldn't translate because "Microsoft Edge Insider" is the name)

2.The translator should have an option that can translate the words in the image on the website. It shouldn't just translate the words on the website.

3."Read aloud" feature also should read the words in the image.

4.The translator should translate multi  language on the website into one language.
(Example:"Download" in English next to "アプリ" in Japanese translate into Vietnamese is "Tải ứng dụng")

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+1 on the multi-language page translation.
it happens often to me when I'm viewing some Github page with multiple foreign languages but Edge only chooses to translate and recognize the most used one and leaves out the rest.