Microsoft Edge Canary (Version 89.0.739.0) Has Problem In History Record

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There's something wrong with the history record in Microsoft Edge Canary since I installed it earlier this year.

I live in China now which is about 16 hours ahead from America.

But the edge has never switch the time into correct one which my computer has set.

As a result, when I open a website at 16:22, the record shows the time of 00:22.

That's really confusing and it becomes an useless function since I can't see when I have visited the website.

Hope this BUG could get fixed when I update the Microsoft Edge Canary.

Thank you!

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About your problem,

I also use non-US time zone ( Version 89.0.739.0 canary ) but the history still shows the correct date and time for my history entries.

if you haven't already, submit a feedback about this bug using the feedback button on Edge or use the shortcuts (Alt + Shift + i)