Microsoft Edge Canary ( latest version ) - issues with tracking prevention in InPrivate windows

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Hi. This is my first post. So this is the version I´m using ( the latest ) :



When I set the tracking protection feature to its default ( "Balanced" ) ...



... the expected behaviour ( per documentation ) is "balanced" mode for normal browsing and "strict" mode for InPrivate browsing. I attach picture to show that in both browsing modes, the protection level is set to "balanced"



As you can see in the screenshot above, normal browsing mode is set to "balanced" protection ( as expected), but in the below screenshot, you will see that InPrivate windows are also set to "balanced" protection



If I set the settings to "strict" mode ...



Both browsing modes ( normal and InPrivate ) block all trackers as expected ( including ads )




In the following screenshot I detail how the official blog about the introduction of this feature, states that BY DEFAULT, InPrivate windows will be set to "strict" protection mode while normal windows will receive "balanced" protection mode. I can confirm that some builds ago, this was working as expected, but lately it has not.




I was hoping someone could tell whether this is a bug or the default tracking prevention behaviour has changed recently.


Thanks and sorry for the long post.

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It's Correct.
there is only 1 settings page, not 2. either when you go to the settings page from normal browser or from inPrivate window, you still land in the same settings page.
InPrivate browsing is already using the "strict" mode but the settings page shows you the options you set for regular browsing.

@HotCakeXHi, thanks for replying :)


Yeah I know there is only one settings page. When I open the settings page I only expect to see one option ( the balanced one by default ). It is in my understanding that InPrivate windows should use the strict mode by default ( regardless of the option I use in settings ). What I found out is that it does not seem to be working in strict mode because I can still see ads in InPrivte windows ( when I turn on strict mode in settings only then the ads are blocked ). This is why this behaviour is surprising me.

@HotCakeX What I mean is that by looking at the devs console, the blocking in InPrivate only mentions storage access and I still see ads ( which is what balanced blocking looks like ), but when I turn on strict mode, not only I dont see ads anymore, but the console shows other types of blocking messages ( links pings, scripts not being loading, URLs blocked , etc. )