Microsoft Edge Canary crashes on YouTube Studio site when editing

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Good evening, I've been editing videos on YouTube Studio, and it has crashed like 10 times in a span of time of 20 minutes, it's happening when I edit a description of the video, when I edit a tag of the video, even when setting a category for the video.


I use an Adblocker (uBlock Origin), I don't know if this could be the source of the problem, but never has happened with retail edge, only with Canary.

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What's your Canary build number? To check, enter edge://settings/help in the address bar. Also, enter edge://crashes in the address bar, do you see any of the crashes logged there? Finally, have you tested with your extensions disabled yet? 


@Jeremiah-V Good afternoon, I'll try as soon as I've got some free time, with my job and my daughter these days I wasn't able to do these checks yet.




Sorry wasn't able to try further, my computer power supply exploded, I'm going to format and abandon all betas, I don't say it's because the betas, but just in case, Windows Insider, Xbox Insider and Edge Canary, I must say goodbye, don't want to risk my computer anymore.