Microsoft Edge Canary (91.0.850.0) Quick Link Icons

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On the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary (91.0.850.0) the quick link icons have quit displaying the images in each icon. Is there some way to make them show images again?



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Try reset: edge://settings/reset
if didn't work then clean uninstall/reinstall,
if didn't work then wait for the next update, probably just canary bugs, come and go quickly.
It is probably a bug, I have it too. Send Feedback for this and it will be fixed soon.
Same here FWIW. Last 2 Canary builds.

@Rohit Yadav I turned in a bug report to the edge team...

Quick Links icon image missing issue still there for me after 91.0.857.0 (04/15/21) update.
Still missing on mine too, Mike. Maybe they will get this issue fixed soon.
it's a universal thing, we are all experiencing it, hang tight while they working on it, if it's bothering you too much, you can install Beta channel or use Stable channel in the meantime.
This issue seems to be fixed in Canary Build 91.0.862.0.
It does seem that the icon issue is fixed in 91.0.862.0