Microsoft Edge and Windows Defender


I have one question about Edge now being built on the Chromium open source code. I don't know if Edge is still protected by Windows Defender. In the original Edge, Windows Defender worked with Microsoft Edge to protect while browsing. I know the new Edge has "Microsoft Defender" Smart Screen built into the browser, but  does Edge still work with Windows Defender? Is there a new better way that it helps protect your computer? I don't know if it is as safe, or safer, or what the deal is. I just want to know if it is going to be as safe as the original Edge was. If it is updated with the same security intelligence as Windows Defender, and Edge can effectively block malware from the internet, I'm okay. I just am unsure about how safe it is compared to the old Edge. I just hope that a Microsoft worker will respond to this with a legitimate answer. I just hope that someone will respond period. Thanks for reading.

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