microsoft edege not install in my windows 7

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microsoft edege not install in my windows 7 pc which update require to iinstall microsoft edege i heard that it install after windows update but which version update i do in my pc . when i install microsoft edege browser i get some problem like firewall and i dont want to use buiness version of edege. plz help me 

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Ok not worries first of all you should really consider upgrading to windows 10 the update you where talking about is only for windows 10 and i am not really able to copy your situation here on my pc cause I don’t have any pc running windows 7 but 1 question i have is did you download the windows 7 version of edge or just the windows 10 version cause that can be your problem.
There is no business version of Edge.
Windows 7 reached end of service, there might be problems with firewall etc. that you have to solve manually.