Microsoft Chromium Edge _ Kiosk Mode Single App Public Browsing - Need it available ASAP!


We use (Legacy) Edge Kiosk mode - Single App Public Browsing.

Public browsing - Single App

It is highly configurable with a lot of lockdown options.

However, Microsoft has deprecated Legacy Edge and is deploying Chromium Edge in its place in Windows Updates.
However, BEFORE they do that they need to provide support for the Single App Locked down Public Browsing (NO ADDRESS BAR) This is a huge security hole that needs to be supported?
The web site says
"Today Microsoft Edge does not support the same Microsoft Edge Legacy kiosk mode types for single-app assigned access and the "Public browsing" kiosk mode type in multi-app assigned access. If you need a browser for your single-app assigned access kiosk device, we recommend using Microsoft Edge Legacy kiosk mode or the Microsoft Kiosk Browser app."

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