Microsoft Aria Online (Natural) - Windows 10 Magnifier reading TTS

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Does anyone know if there is a way to get Microsoft Aria Online (Natural) voice, currently available on Edge, Read Allowed to work on Windows 10 Magnifier reading (TTS)?

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Hi, I don't know if I understood you correctly, but I think this feature is already available ...








No, I cannot find the voices available in edge on windows applications such as narrator or magnifier even though I have the latest language packs installed. 







This was in fact in my mind too and few weeks ago I submitted a feedback for this in feedback hub app.

this is related to Windows 10 and Windows team need to do this.


you can upvote this feedback to show how many people want it:


(it's a feedback submitted using insider account, if you can't see it, try joining Windows insider release preview then try again)

@userm2300 I would like to know how I can download the natural voices to Edge altogether. I have updated my computer to the latest windows as directed, but Edge does not have any other voices except for the three old ones. I also checked the language packs and that only gives me other languages outside of English. If anyone can help me get the natural voices I would greatly appreciate it.

you can't use voices in Edge on Windows, the feature is simply not yet available, you can however upvote this feedback to show you want it, that will help a lot, thank you :)