Micorsoft Edge Smartscreen didnt' protect me

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As you can see that I have a download from Edge from a website that edge allowed to open even though Defender said it is unsafe to open the download. 


This is very funny and I dont' see the scanning file in the download UI anymore.


I already sent feedback,


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Be warry don't mistake the work of smartscreen for edge and windows defender smartscreen.
The first only check if the file is a bad file. The Second check potential threaths and a file who is not seen (firstime seen or blocked (right click you will see a case to check unblock)) it will trigger this warning
Yes, I believe that Edge is the best for safety protection since it was the number one browser in the NSS Browser Lab report.

The thing is that Edge didn't block the app even though it was blocked by Windows Defender on Windows desktop..

I just tried to open the download, I didnt' trigger anything

And it's better like that because i don't want edge to refuse to download a "potential" treath, because it can be a good software
sometime i have this warning when smartscreen windows can't connecte itself to internet (one or two time a year)
That is very true but I dont' see the scanning file for virus anymore.

Well if isnt' low reputation apps known as uwa? It should block it and say run anyways.
Yes, I see your very point but I do think Edge should be more smart. Since there isnt' much consistency since they are both windows defender
yes i have (at the first version of edge) asked to have in the download history the result of smartscreen "normal" or "warning" but i must be the only one to have asked since it never have come.
Oh, it was a testing thing I see. Well, first of all, I had downloaded in the past on a stable channel that had a unknown publisher and it blocked it since it was unknown. I believe that this feature should be put back.






Here is a image of the settings that says' low reputation" apps. 

yes but in your precedent screen shot defender said "unreconized", so it must be why defender have blocked it but not edge.
I see, that makes sense but shouldn't edge do that as well? I dont' get why windows edge wont' warn me but Windows Defender does. This is a waste of time since I think that it is safe since it is scanned by defender then I get that. This is very strange and it is very confusing
i think those two database aren't (for now) syncronised well (since the edge smartscreen work on mac too) so i think the integration with Windows 10 isn't totally finished
I see, that is why I am asking why it is taking so long to get that synchronized since they say Edge is the safest browser but this is a simple bug

According to this, there should be a warning if the download may harm your device, and it will be synced with the defender server since edge sents the info the server to start a security check.

So this was a bug that Edge didnt' was able to detect.

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don't forget the link of the "uwa" you have downloaded (with a spoil or a warning) : for reproducing purpose (if people want to know if it's a bug of one version only or all version of edge).
Thanks for reminding me :)

Here is the link, I am not saying that the file is unsafe and I just wanted to make sure that the team is aware of ti. SInce the edge documentation says that any unknown apps will be blckeed since it may hard your pc.


Here is the download link :)

i indeed have the same defender smartscreen warning will report it too
Thank you for understanding!! :)

I used to see when it was downloading, after it was finish, it would say scanning files. Is that a bug?

Also can you please also report that file as unsafe as well?

I also noticed that the site that is redirected to report it says is this a safe website? It should be download not website????