causes Edge to crash and trouble finding its download folder

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Hi, so I was browsing using Edge InPrivate.

Everytime my download quota reached about 2 GB, Mega will cause my Edge to crash.

I went to C:\Users\[MyUsernname]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge to search for Mega temporary download folder to make sure temporary files is deleted after InPrivate windows crashed/closed but I couldnt find anything, also Edge doesnt even have folder "File System" like Chrome.


So I want to ask:

- Where does Mega store temporary download files when using Edge, especially InPrivate windows?

- Does those temporary file get deleted after my Edge (both main and InPrivate) windows crash/close?

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Since it was crashing make sure report it through feedback, however in case you set Windows and Microsoft Edge to send log files, it will also collect and send log files too.

I am wondering, are you able to reproduce this issue in case you are not in InPrivate mode?


@Reza Ameri 

Well I don't mind about crash at all, so why should I report it, since Mega cause every other Chromium browser like Chrome, Brave and Opera to crash?

What concerns me is where to find Mega's temporary download folder when using Edge. And do those files automatically get deleted when InPrivate windows get closed/ crashed ?


In case of Chrome, I can trace the folder with this location C:\Users\PC\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\File System\080 . The problem is that Edge doens't have \File System\080


I think Mega will cause Edge to crash when I'm not in InPrivate mode too. Since it does with Chrome.

The log file will be collected as I config the setting.




It is good idea to report all crashes.

When you are in InPrivate mode, Microsoft Edge will create temporary folder and when you close or when it crashed, or unexpected shutdown, it will be deleted as soon as system could delete it.

I believe someone from Microsoft Edge team could answer about location of downloaded file but I guess it is temporary cache.