Media downloaded via telegram web installed as an app can only be deleted manually

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Something that happened to me recently

I use microsoft edge dev
And I installed the telegram web as an application


I started to download the videos of the groups I participate in, the downloads work very well
But I started to see that the free disk space was disappearing fast, even after I deleted the videos from my computer


I realized that the telegram was saving these files as a cache, because a video with more than 1gb it took to download and after the download I deleted the video and then put it to download the same video, it took 3 seconds for it to download


I looked in the edge settings if there was something to clear only the cache of the telegram application
I didn't find an option to just clean the telegram
There was an option to clear the hosted application data, but it was including all applications, there was no way to choose just the telegram

As it was filling up the storage memory, so I had to clear data from all hosted applications


Did not work
So I didn't understand what this option is for


I went manually to where he was saving the cache
I found the directory
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge Dev\User Data\Default\IndexedDB\https_web.telegram.org_0.indexeddb.blob

Was consuming 19 gb

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