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Hi there,

Would Media Autoplay be introduced in the Edge Chromium?

Earlier it was available as a Flag, but now the Flag also isn't available...

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Thanks @Rohit Yadav !


I'm not sure why the flag has been removed. I did find there is a bug with possible issues with Media Autoplay, thus could be related why the flag is not there today.


As for the future of Media Autoplay, we've captured your feedback and ask.



Any update? Is there a Chromium issue we could follow?



+100 ... a setting to block autoplay videos will elevate Edge Chromium above Chrome and in line with Safari to us macOS users. that, and continuing to support adblock extensions, please!

I agree. Loved it when it was added to EDGE, and really miss it on the Dev Edge.

Today I tried to disable Autoplay, and to my surprise, it was not available in edge://flags/ anymore!


Media Autoplay is very annoying especially when I am in the meeting.

@Rohit Yadav There's a key, but it seems to have no effect on sites I'd like to see blocked.  Not sure what is meant by "Most popular websites ", but I'd like to be able to block autoplay on a web site like i can in Safari, perhaps in the "padlock" menu.


Limit Media Autoplay

Algorithmically limits certain websites from playing media automatically. Most popular websites will remain unaffected. – Mac, Windows

@smlombardi you're correct. Not sure how the algorithm works, but I guess earlier even the flag wasn't available. Now that the flag is available, they must be working on it, and we should expect more clarity on this...

I preferred the older flag. That one didn't rely on an algorithm and was quite nice

@pneenkoalabear Yea, the flag was better, but seems they have removed that from the Chromium codebase itself...

but it can be ported, right? If it's like GitHub, you can view the history

In Canary the Limit Media Autoplay flag has disappeared for me. I hope that this is an indication that it will move to a standard feature as in Edge Legacy. I am also hopeful that the feature will be implemented as Block Media Autoplay instead. The Limit Media Autoplay flag did not seem to stop much in the way of autoplaying video.

And while I am hoping, I am hopeful that whatever the final solution is it will provide a way to stop the Netflix background preview autoplay and any others like it.

I doubt that will be block-able. In Safari, which lets you stop autoplay videos, those still play.

You might be able to set to not autoplay videos, but it interferes with the normal operation of the site (movies).