Maximum number of profiles?


I currently have 7 profiles...and clicking on "Add a profile" does not work anymore...nothing happens. Is this expected behavior, meaning is the 7 a defined limit? If so can I somehow increase this limit as I was using more profiles in Chrome.

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Great question @Bert Jansen.


This one is going to take a bit of digging and such from my end to find the answer. Can you open a support ticket from within Microsoft Edge (Can or Dev)? This will put your question/issue with an advocate, thus researched to find the limit(s) in place, etc. From there we'll both have an answer and if needed, get a feature request done.


You can hit F1 from within Microsoft Edge, choose Contact Support and paste the URL to this thread in the submission. That way we can also make sure we provide the Community the end result.

@Bert Jansen Have the same issue,

workaround: Create the profile from edge://Settings instead.