Margin choice in print dialog resets after two invocations total, no longer sticky

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Thank you very much for your work on this great browser. Upon updating to Edge Stable 105.0.1343.27, it appears that after specifically one more invocation of the "print" dialog (two total), the user's choice for the "Margins" dropdown (visible after clicking "More Settings...") is reset to "Default". Previously, the choice for the "Margins" dropdown was sticky - preserved across any number of times the print dialog was invoked.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Open some webpage, such as [Hacker News](

2. Ctrl+P / Cmd+P (my current OS is macOS latest stable 12.5.1) to trigger the print dialog.

3. More Settings... > Margins > Select "None". (My preferred setting for printing to PDF.)

4. Print the webpage, or cancel out (the behavior manifests either way).

5. Open the print dialog once again - the margin choice from before is preserved. Print or close the dialog.

6. Open the print dialog again. The choice for "Margins" is now reset to "Default" instead of staying on the user's selected choice.


I have confirmed this behavior persists across both browser and full OS restarts.


This may be intended behavior by the dev team, but it would break a crucial workflow for me (printing-to-pdf discussions from HN and Reddit with margins set to "None"). I respect the team's choices, but it is interesting to consider the ongoing discussions about the stickiness of print settings. For example, in the Chromium bug tracker they have the issue:


`2022 09 05` [1295921 - Improve sticky behavior of print options - chromium](


as well as the tangential issue:


`2022 09 05` [1314057 - Custom Printer Margin Settings Reset After Printing To Another Printer - chromium](


Comment 8 from 2021 06 07 in this issue indicates that margin choice in the print dialog is meant to be a sticky setting:


`2022 09 05` [1186601 - How do I set default print margins for multiple printers on Google Chrome for Windows 10? - chromium](


Even though this issue manifested in Edge Stable, I thought it might be interesting for the Edge Insiders staff due to recent changes around printing in Dev Channel updates:


`2022 09 05` [Dev channel update to 105.0.1329.1 is now live! - Microsoft Tech Community](

"Fixed a crash when getting the page count in print preview"


`2022 09 05` [Dev channel update to 106.0.1363.0 is now live! - Microsoft Tech Community](

"Fixed orientation issue with printing"


Perhaps the issue manifests because of changes in some of these code paths.


Thanks for your time, and ideally the choice for "Margins" can be made sticky (preserved across any number of invocations of the print dialog) once again in the next stable update, but I understand if not.

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