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People who have switched from Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge (old) to new Microsoft Edge , sometimes face problem with shortcut , the common one is Ctrl+Shift+P which opens InPrivate browsing but in new Microsoft Edge it is like Chrome and is Ctrl+Shift+N and pressing the first shortcut would open printing. There might be other shortcut keys. Therefore, please check and add shortcut management so user could customize shortcut key or at least select to use Chrome or Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer shortcut.


People who switched to new Microsoft Edge from IE and legacy Microsoft Edge are having issue with using new shortcut keys and it will takes time to get adapted to it.

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@Reza_Ameri-Archived Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We've gotten lots of feedback around the shortcut keys, especially in contrast to other browsers, so this is something the devs have given a lot of thought to. If you'd like to "upvote" that, though, feel free to submit feedback through the browser!


And in the meantime, here is an article with shortcut keys for MS Edge on Windows and mac.


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@Deleted Thank you very much for your response and the website is very valuable.

However, it takes time for people to get adjust with new shortcut and customizing them is useful.