Manage Favorites Selection No Longer Showing

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Have they disabled / removed the 'manage favorites' item that used to be available for users, I know the entire favorites entity has been modified, but I didn't realize that particular option had been removed. As I'm a rather old fashioned type of a guy but DOES still enjoy trying new & exciting things (edge canary), I might have somehow missed when the change was made to the manage favorites setting. :facepalm:  

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it's called "Open in a new tab".
press the favorites flyout button on Edge toolbar, then press (...) button in it and you will see it.

@HotCakeX, As always, thanks for being so helpful I'm thinking that I'd better plan on using this browser more than I had been so I can keep up with all of the changes that are happening. I haven't used the 'actual' chrome browser for a while now as there really isn't any need to do so. Stay Safe !