Make Share function in Edge more useful

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posting from latest available Edge Version 82.0.418.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


the Share looks like this






so it expects user to have the UWP apps installed.

there are problems with that:

UWP is not available on all platforms. on Windows 8.1, on Mac, and soon on Linux.

also some popular apps like Instagram, their UWP version haven't been updated in ages. Facebook app is also old.

also my installed app list in Edge (PWAs) look like this:




You see, I've added my favorite social network websites as apps in Edge, PWAs are better, they do not require installation and experience is the same in all platforms.


so now when I want to share something on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit etc, I have to use the method that I've been using since 15 years ago. the old copy paste method.

because the Share functionality is totally useless at the current state.


my suggestion:

make Share functionality in Edge to detect the installed PWA apps, websites added as an app, and then offer them on the Share window as options.

when I have Twitter added as PWA in Edge, I obviously don't want it double on my system by installing the UWP version. the same applies to the rest of the social networks.



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@HotCakeX we agree with you. This is ongoing work, but we absolutely plan on showing PWAs in the Share Dialog.



Glad to know that :)



Good suggestion

Yes I would love to have a much better UI for sharing on edge. Also is the share coming to mac?
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One thing @johnjansen, the Facebook app doesn't' exist in the windows store anymore.


@Deleted wrote:
Yes I would love to have a much better UI for sharing on edge. Also is the share coming to mac?

i don't know

install Facebook as PWA, problem solved.
it was Facebook's decision to do it, MSFT didn't remove their app.
this was done 8-9 months ago.


Why isn't it possible to send an open tab to another desktop device? It's just possible to share with my smartphone device.




when you open the history flyout or sidebar by clicking on its icon on Edge toolbar, there is a section called "Tabs from other devices"
in there you should be able to see tabs from other devices that are open

take a look at this: :)

with project reunion, aka project failure-that-no-one-including-microsoft-will-use, microsoft wants to let win32 apps be a share target.
You joking right? that amount of negativity against it is funny.

it's not a failure at all.