Make MacOS Edge compatible with MS Teams web

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It would be great if web Teams video in meetings could be restored to a working state in future releases of Microsoft Edge for MacOS. For the last few weeks web Teams meeting video only functions with Microsoft Edge if you disable the background effects (those that you apply for privacy). If background effects are left enabled then the video shows black when you join a meeting, when you change focus to an external meeting chat or calendar, or enable/disable the camera.


The stable and beta versions of Edge both have these issues on Intel and Apple silicon macs running version 12.x. 


Link to teams discussion but now appears that it is Microsoft Edge related.

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I've tried a blank new intel 12.4 install and the current stable, beta, dev channels of Edge and the problems persist. I've also tried the older versions of Edge, and the problems persist. So perhaps it is just the teams code. The dev channel being dev, web teams has many video issues. Guess the only answer is to move away from Microsoft Edge to use web Teams at present. Look forward to some one solving the incompatibility between Microsoft Edge and Microsoft web teams some time in the future for MacOS.

@BradSP65 Unfortunately firefox is the only browser that now manages to function correctly with a background enabled with Teams web. Unfortunately it does not provide incoming video. Other Chromium browser such as Brave and Chrom have exactly the same problems with video and back ground effects. So other browsers are not an option. The only real solution is switching backwards and forwards to minimize the video and then maximizing it to get the video to display or simply disable your privacy and not have a background. No workable solution unfortunately. 

Since it appears that this problem is coming from Chromium, that means when they fix it, we'll also receive the fix.

@josh_bodner are Microsoft active contributors to the upstream or purely passive wait until capability is corrected by some one else? The way I read the response the answer is the later? It would be great if Microsoft supported non-chromium based browsers as that would be a great work around in this situation. I guess that means to use Teams web app that customers have to run it without privacy. 

I should also have said rolling back to earlier versions of Chromium does not address the current issue with Web teams problem. So its interesting how it is a chrome issue.
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@BradSP65 Reported corporately after demonstrating that the issue persists on both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs, with versions of Edge Browser going back a year, and every other chromium browser. With clean installs of MacOS and nothing else deployed to a machine other than the browsers. Up until the end of last month Teams web did not have this problem.  Demonstrated that at least firefox can have outgoing video with privacy. The code just does permit incoming video. All data points to a web teams app problem on MacOS. Nothing can be done to maintain privacy. The only work around is to disable privacy.  

Ah, if the issue was introduced recently, but reproduces in versions of browsers older than when the issue was introduced, then it's almost certainly an issue with Teams and not the browser itself. Of course, if it IS an issue with the browser, then yes, Microsoft can and does make contributions to Chromium, but that doesn't necessarily mean we WILL in this case.