Make it easier to block domains in search results


So, recently (or maybe not so recently), almost all searches inevitably are showing results from *.it domains that "look" legit but are not.  Instead they are hacked sites trying to do bad stuff.  


It would be really great if it were easier to block entire domains (or sites) from search results by including an option in Edge that appends the "-site:*.<domain>" to your search URL.


I can do this, but i have to manually create my own "search engine" item and modifying the URL.  It sure would be great if this were a feature that was more easily accessible. 


For example, here is how I have to achieve this.  Create a new search engine named FOO.  Then copy and modify the Bing or Google's search URL to block all .it domains from showing in my results.






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Tagging @johnjansen, Engineer working on Microsoft Edge.

@TheShaunSaw and @keithke thanks for the suggestion and the tag. I think the easiest way to make sure that the team sees this is to file it via the "Settings and More" menu > Help and Feedback > Send Feedback.


We read all of those and typically then convert them into user asks for the backlog. This sounds like something pretty interesting that the search engine team should look at.