Major New Tab bug while syncing open tabs on Edge Stable version

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When I sync open tabs with Microsoft Edge on my Android, if a New Tab is open on the Android version, it shows up on the PC version as chrome-native://new-tab.

Screenshot (812).png


TO BE NOTED: chrome-native://newtab does not show up on the list normally when a new tab is opened on Edge Android. It shows up when:-

  1. I am browsing any webpage, say, on my Android. While browsing that page on Android, Edge PC version shows it in the list of open tabs. 
  2. Now when I press the Home button on Android, what one would expect is that the Android page that was displayed in Open Tabs list on Edge PC would just disappear. But what actually happens is that the webpage displayed earlier is replaced by chrome-native://newtab


Now when I click on this link on the PC version, I am taken to a blank page.

Screenshot (813).png

And then onwards, any time, even after restarting the browser, pressing the Home button leads me to chrome-native://newtab page instead of edge://newtab, where it should be taking me. This setting has to be changed manually in Edge Settings. I am unable to recreate this issue again; maybe it doesn't happen always.

So, two things need fixing:

  • Edge Android's New Tab should appear as edge://newtab and not chrome-native://newtab, if at all. Ideally, it shouldn't appear on the list.
  • If a user somehow goes to chrome-native://newtab, the browser should redirect to edge://newtab instead of just displaying a black screen.

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this is a good post and clearly explains the situation,
if you haven't already, please send these details using feedback button on Edge too :)