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I used the "Move to the Menu" (right-click the extension icon) option on a few of my extensions. Now, I can't find them. There appears to be an option to add either add a manager icon or ellipses to the menubar that will allow access to the hidden extensions, but the way to set this up appears to be well disguised.


Any help is appreciated.



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Which version/channel of Edge browser are you using?


it is usually done like this




I don't use the right-click method. I just simply drag and drop the extension icon to the toolbar or on the menu.

using Edge insider canary Version 81.0.396.0



Using Edge for MacOS, V. 79.


Problem is that the icon is no longer visible. It's in the "menu", wherever that is hiding.

Hmm that's weird.
is it possible that you are using light theme and the extension icon is also light/white?



This is running on High Si8erra, which doesn't have a dark theme within the system options. That came out with Mojave. Also, Edge doesn't seem to have its own dark theme within its options. 



I think I found the problem... or at least a solution. Moving an extension "to the Menu" apparently just moves it all the way to the right then adjusts the width of the address bar to hide it. If I move the handle on the right side of the address bar to change its width, it brings the extension icons back into view. 


It seems to be a bit convoluted, but it solves the immediate problem.


We'll see if improvements in extension management happen as Edge for Mac matures.

Nice, yes ofc, I thought the experience is the same no matter what platform



FYI. Chrome has some decent extension manager extensions. The one in the attached snapshot seems to be pretty good, although it's not the one I used when I was using Chrome.

That's i'll check them out :)
Amazing! thanks!