macOS上的Microsoft Edge无法登录

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@yuhaos 你好,我刚才试了一下,无论使不使用代理,都会出现这样的情况。 

Could you translate what that error message says in your image?

@HotCakeX Thanks a lot.

so you are using a security key to sign into your Microsoft account instead of email address and password, is that correct?

@HotCakeX Thank you for writing back.

It do requires me to sign in with a security key, however, it seems like this feature doesn't work well in my operation system(macOS Catalina 10.15.1), and I don't know how to disable this function and use my password to login instead.


p.s. It still works well when I login using my Windows 10 system, and I can login with my PIN code using this function.

You're welcome,
Yes you're right, it's probably the Mac OS