Mac Canary 93.0.910.0 crashes on startup

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Just updated the Mac Canary channel to 93.0.910.0, and the App will not launch. I tried downloading and reinstalling from the Insider website, but no joy. The App hard crashes and will not launch. Thanks for listening. 

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@Watney , I had the same issue with 93.0.910 and have reproduced it with the latest (93.913.2106060). I'm tempted to completely wipe the build and reinstall, but really don't want to lose all of my settings and History.


I might try installing the Dev build to see if that makes any difference.


In the meantime, if anyone knows of a solution or workaround, it would be good to know. Thanks.

@mr_rique  Try this:

1) Rename 



/Users/<your_username>/Library/Application Support/Microsoft Edge Canary/​




/Users/<your_username>/Library/Application Support/OLD_Microsoft Edge Canary/​



2) Rename







/Users/<your_username>/Library/Preferences/ ​



3) Launch Edge Canary (should work now)

4) Close Edge Canary (log-out and back in to make sure nothing's running) 

5) Copy 



/Users/<user_name>/Library/Application Support/OLD_Microsoft Edge Canary/Default/Preferences​






/Users/<user_name>/Library/Application Support/Microsoft Edge Canary/Default/Preferences​



Edge Canary should be working again with minimal disruption to get back to your original settings, especially if you are syncing everything. If you're not satisfied, you can try copying additional settings from OLD to the new, and if all else fails, you can roll back by deleting the new and renaming the OLD back to where you started. Good luck!