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Anyone else having issues with the Edge file browser? When I try to download something for example, and the file browser pops up, it's low resolution compared to everything else, and the suggestion in the search box are huge and barely readable (see attach picture). 


Is this an issue with my settings or with the software? I'm running Version 80.0.361.62 (Official build) (64-bit) on my Surface Pro X.

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Yes, happening to me as well. it's an old issue that is still going on. I remember few months ago somebody else started a similar thread about the same problem
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This issue seems to be exclusive to version 80 and appears to be fixed in version 81.

@adrianghc Is 81 out yet? Mine says I'm up to date at 80.0.361.66

Version 81 is still in the beta channel but since version 80 reached stable four weeks ago, version 81 is probably not far off.

@adrianghc Great thanks for the info!


@ncvictoria Thanks for reaching out here, and welcome to the MS Edge Insiders community!


If you haven't yet, can you please submit detailed feedback with diagnostic data through the browser? (I'd rather have duplicate feedback, and make sure your issue gets solved, rather than potentially missing something.) And if you don't see this resolve after trying an 81 build, please let us know.


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