Loses all open tabs on update

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Multiple times now when I clicked the restart button to complete an update, it crashed and lost all my open tabs, including clearing my closed tab history so I couldn't recover them.  This has happened on multiple versions.

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Which Edge channel are you using?


It doesn't happen every time, and this most recent time it actually blue screened, which has never happened before. What does happen every time is when it pops up the dialog saying a crash happened and offers to restore the tabs, I've never seen it actually restore any tabs.

Sometimes it does work to do ctrl + shift + tab to get back tabs it lost though.

That's strange, there is a program called "WhoCrashed" that could help you find the source of BSODs, if you don't know the error code,

if there is any custom flags set try reverting them to defaults: edge://flags/

I'd do a full uninstall of Edge dev and then reinstall it (during uninstall check the box that asks to delete user data), make sure sync is fully enabled prior to that.

by the way, is your Windows up to date? (latest version is 20H2 atm)

Yea, it was weird.  I'm not too worried about the BSOD, since that has only happened once.  I'm more annoyed by the fact restarting to do an update seems to be seen as a crash (not always, but fairly often), and the "restore tabs" feature has never worked for me (both on Windows and MacOS).


I thought I had a few flags set, but I guess not, they're all default.  Windows was up to date as of Monday, but yesterday was Patch Tuesday.

Oh well, you can send feedback about it from Edge and it'll send additional data to dig into it, or you can try a full uninstall/reinstall and see if it fixes the restore tabs problem.
whenever I needed to restore my tabs with that button it worked