Login with work account, Where is the data?

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First post here, hope it´s the right place.


We are considering changing our users from a setup of IE11 and Google Chrome to new Edge.

We are using AAD with Microsoft 365 Business or Office365 Pro Plus licenses.

Today we have disabled the possibility to sign-in to Chrome because we do not want our users to sign-in with personal Accounts and save company passwords and in that way have company password available on their private devices.


With the new Edge we can sign in with our work account and sync password and favorites, this gives a good user experience across RDS and Workstations and if we reset a profile or device they will get their setting back.


But the big question is... Where is this data saved? (OneDrive?) and is it deleted with the user account?


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Hi, welcome to the community!

none of the Edge browser data are saved in OneDrive, they are saved in Microsoft servers remotely.

Microsoft Edge Sync

in order to use Edge sync with your Microsoft or Office 365 accounts, you need Enterprise State Roaming enabled:

Microsoft Edge identity support and configuration

Autofill Blog #2: Password Security

hope that helps

You gave me all the info i needed and more.. thank you.