login with microsoft authenticator through windows hello

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so i had an idea maybe ms can add a feature to login into stuff using your microsoft authenticator app

you can login into your microsoft acc with the auth app but not use windows hello with the auth app

cause with github you can choose to login into github using windows hello but so it would be easy if they add a feature that the auth profile that you added to the auth app such as github 2 step verification can be used with windows hello and that you can login into github with your phone and not having to type in the auth key that refreshes every 30 sec.

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I'd like that, logging in just with my Email address on websites other than Microsoft account.
the password-less login is convenient.
although Windows Hello is also a password-less login method. (fingerprint, PIN, picture, camera etc.)
both of them don't require you to enter your password.
Yeah but also with the 2 step verification that you only have to open the ms auth app and accept the login