Location of Collection Data (local)

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Do we know where and how Collection information is stored locally (when sync is turned on or off)?


If we had this information, it could be a quick way to preserve collection information.  Right now I don't see a way to export all of my 30 collections and it's unwise to not have backups at this point.  


I have already gone through the motions feedback center, I'm just looking for a workaround so I can address the problem.

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I think there needs to be an option to select multiple collections and export them all at the same time (to Word, Excel, OneNote, Pinterest etc)
currently you can do it but one by one on each collection.


Also if using Edge stable, there is a folder in the User Data directory, might be the files you are looking for:

\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\Collections


"Default" is the name of the Edge profile, by default it's called "Default", but if you changed it, you will find a different folder name.

And it is 2021-06-22 now.
There is still no search bar, can't share your collections.
Windows Edge browser is important. I don't know why.

Sure thing, we need a local way to work on it.
But that maybe need a browser tool, or web page.
Like a management tool. page.
Any idea of how to use Edge browser note? really need some help.
I don't have a way to Feedback. or contact.
I think make a browser tool, or management page will help a lot.