Living in a non-English country. Cannot get MS Edge to open in English by default

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Hello all,

I currently live in a Germanophone country. Every time I click on Edge it opens in German. I constantly have to go through the tedious task of setting the language to English. The edge is set up to delete history etc. upon exit.


Don't want to touch or change the country or region as it creates other problems and incompatibilities. So this constant language setup is very irritating.


So I use Firefox instead. It never changes the language despite the fact that Firefox, just like Edge, deletes history etc. upon exit! If Firefox can do it why not Edge?


Thank you for your input and feedback.


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Hi, do you just mean to change the language of the start page?

You can change the country and region, then you will receive information in the selected language, e.g. German?

HI Andrzej1,
Thanks for your feedback. As for changing country/region, it's not a viable solution as it can cause other issues elsewhere. In the meantime, I experimented a bit and it turns out that if you clear cookies upon exit, everything goes back to default. I disable the cookie clearing and this time, upon re-opening or re-launching the language selection was kept. So must not clear cookies upon exit! But this poses a problem in the sense that ALL cookies from ALL different sites remain intact! And that is not what I want.
However, there is a possibility to provide an exception list of URL's for site(s) that you want untouched and keep their cookies, and then, delete other cookies. I'd like to keep cookies for EDGE but I simply cannot figure out the URL for Edge!


I am from Polish now I have changed the start page to English United States - of course this only applies to news from a given region and preferred language .:)


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Hello Andrzej1
Thanks for the reply. I think I misunderstood your suggestion regarding the change of country/region. I thought you were referring to country/region setting at Windows level rather than settings at Edge . Thanks for clearing up. That'll work too.
I'm glad I could help.
Best regards


Hi, I cannot read the language to get to the cookies in order to clear them