Live tiles of pinned to Start websites

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In IE11 for Windows 8, the pinned websites had the possibility to display live tiles, showing, for example, the latest news of that website:


That made using pinned websites a part of Windows apps experience: live tiles were not just shortcuts, but also a way of displaying information. 


Unfortunately, in Chromium Edge, when I pin the website to Start (by using Apps -> Install this site as an app), it is not a live tile, and just works as a shortcut that opens a standalone tabless window of Edge.


Please support the possibility for the websites to share information using Live Tiles in the new version of Edge.

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Awesome suggestion!
Edge chromium live tiles for Windows 10 start menu sounds great
Esa función ya no está activa desde hace mucho tiempo ni siquiera con IE 11,ojalá edge agregué una función similar para tener live tiles.