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This page opened up when my Linux Edge Dev updated. Do any of the 'new' feature updates apply to the Linux version or how do we know which ones do?


For example: TRY IT Introducing Web widget from Microsoft Edge We're excited to introduce a new Microsoft Edge personalized dashboard feature, Web widget. Web widget is designed to help users like yourselves be informed, entertained, and discover new things with customizable, relevant, and trustworthy content, right on your desktop. You can opt-in to this feature by heading to the new tab page and clicking the settings icon to turn on Web widget, or through the ... menu > More tools > Web widget. Share your favorite articles, save them for later, or report a story issue to us. We want to know what you think of this new feature! To bring up the feedback tool, hold Alt+Shift+I and let us know if there's ways we can improve this experience for you including how it affects your workflow and the type of content that you find useful.

The new tab page just seems to be the search bar with no settings icon as far as I can see?

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I agree, I think there needs to be some labeling in that page to make it clear which platforms these features are available on. and also a labeling for "controlled feature rollouts",

the web widget on Windows looks like this if you're curious

I don't see any thing that limits it to Windows platform, should be possible to have it on Linux/Mac too.